your home,
design for you.

Styling details

your home
your place your style

Your home is the place where you’d like to feel comfortable, but how to create this?
Is it a new place that needs a good design, or does the home deserve a firm makeover? Do you live all by yourself, or with your family?
You’ve got your own wishes, your own style, but how to create that warm, cosy place where every one of your family feels comfortable?
Ervoor-Erna interior design will be there to assist.

Ervoor / Before Erna / After
Ervoor / Before Erna / After

Creating the
future together

After an intensive time of listening, observing and creating, you’ll be able to enjoy the big contrast in your home between before and after

these are the options

1. Listening

After good investment of your wishes and research of the routing in your home, I’ll advise you which bundle fits you best. As soon as you agree, the creating will start.

2. Creative vision

After a period of creating, I get back to you with my proposal for lay-out of your interior, colour, material and style for the rooms you’d like me to help you with.

3 . off you go

From this moment on, you’ll be able to show the constructor how you’d like things to be done, or I could do the instructions for you. Using the designed plan, you could also choose to do the reconstruction yourself. On top of the designing plan you could also choose for a lighting advise or styling advise.

“An Interior is the natural projection of the soul”

Coco Chanel

looking forward to a new interior design?
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