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Being a wife, the mom of our three sons and boss of our dog Jim, I’m the only female in our family. It is lovely to be able to bring a female touch in our home and create a good balance between all those men and some comfort and coziness.

The way I

Did you just buy a new house, are you reconstructing, or are you moving in to the new country named Holland? Ervoor-Erna interior design can help you out to make the right choices.

toelichting interieur ontwerp

If you are interested in my services, please contact me via the contact form, or you could call me. Next I will visit you for free. We could also continue our contact by making a video call. I’ll invest your wishes and those of your roommates and afterwards I’ll explain how I can help you out.
Being an interior designer, I could create a tailor made concept for your place, which contains creative and functional solutions in a design you’d like to live in. I’ll use beautiful materials and colours and help you find your way to the right stores. As a result, you’ll find yourself in your own beautifully decorated home, which will be practical to live in and feels completely yours.
If you don’t need a total interior design concept for your house, but you could use some advice, I’d be delighted to help you out as well.

Depending on your wishes I’ll advise you what bundle to choose. Since the bundles have fixed prices, you don’t get unexpected bills afterwards.

Bundle rates

Bundle 1

Short term,
verbal interior advise

Does your interior deserve a new-look while keeping (most of) your furniture? Would you like a new couch, but you don’t know where to start? Is your interior fine, but you don’t know how to make it the right fit for the room?
With those questions this bundle might be the right one for you. I’ll pay you a visit to do a brainstorm session together with you about your wishes. You’ll end with some good and practical advises which gives you the opportunity to upgrade your room and give it a perfect finish.

€ 325,-

Bundle 2

interior design

Do you need a firm change of one of your rooms? this bundle might help you out.
After a home visit, in which you inform me precisely about your wishes, I go home and create a solid plan in 2D. After the presentation, you’ll be able to fix your interior the way you wanted it.

€ 795,00

per room

Bundle 3

interior design

If you’d like a full concept of living for your home, this is the right bundle. A creative and practical plan which will fit you, your family and your house the way it should. Living room, kitchen and hall will become one. Good investment of your wishes will be the guideline for the final design. During the creation of the design, we’ll stay in contact on a regular basis, to make sure the final plan will feel like it’s yours.

€ 1595,-

Bundle 4*

extra bundle
light design

The above described bundles can be extended with a light design, or I could create a light design for your current interior.

€ 245,00

per room

Bundle 5


Your house is beautiful, your interior fits. But it still needs a personal finishing touch. Do you need help to style your house, then this bundle is what you need.

€ 195,00

Erna de Bruijn, eigenaar ErvoorErna

Erna de Bruijn


interior designer //

Erna de bruijn

Maybe you love that wonderful couch you’ve just bought, or that drawer you inherited deserves a central spot in your house. But how to put things right in place?
Also, with these questions Ervoor-Erna interior design could give you advice for an eye-catching design.
I’m happy to step by for getting to know you and your house.

looking forward to a new interior design?
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