Bathroom in earth tones

‘Modern warmth’
Hellen and her husband needed a firm reconstruction of one of their bathrooms. They had a clear idea about their wishes: they wanted a warm and modern look with earthly colours and black details. The challenge for the bathroom was to create a spacious shower, a double sink and at the same time enough space left to move around.
In their separate toilet they wanted to create the same look, without spending too much money on that.
After a short term, verbal advice from Ervoor-Erna, they were able to choose a beautiful bathroom. The thin, glass shower wall uses little space and keeps it visually spacious. The colour on the walls is a warm earthly colour (colour ‘aarding’ from Flexa). In the room for the separate toilet, they painted the tiles black and the walls got the same colour as the wall in the bathroom. Some lovely details make the styling complete.



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