Upgrade bedroom

‘Modern Boudoir’

“This bedroom used to be a plain, white bedroom. In july 2015, when the residents bought the house, they created a small walk-in bathroom with double washbasin and a walk-in shower. The concrete walls gave it a modern chic look and the cast floor fitted the same style. Further, the bedroom was simple: white wardrobe, white walls, white ceiling and a bed. The white designer’s lamp at the ceiling was not the eye-catcher it should be, because of the white background.
The wardrobes were still good to use. To make them fit in their new environment, the doors were painted in a mat sandy paint and the door handles were replaced by glass doorknobs with brass basis.
All walls and the ceiling were painted dark blue, with an exception for the wall behind the bed. Here they used wallpaper made from a picture of the family’s home collection. The lovely white lamp can now be the eye-catcher it is supposed to be because of the dark blue background. Above a classical vintage dressoir, you’ll find a mirror with brass frame and together with the brass accessories it forms a delicate chic look. On the bed they used several pillows which different fabrics and sizes which created a comfortable chic style. A small round carpet brings a warm feeling to the modern cast floor and it gives some comfort to the feet. 



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