Tiny house

“A 4×6 meters garage with small loft was supposed to become a complete tiny house. To create enough space for living, cooking and sleeping, I adviced to build an extension to the front of the garage of 2×2,5 meters. The loft has been well supported and it got a dormer on both sides. An existing kitchen has been adjusted and re-used in the tiny house. Lots of big windows have been used in the front and the back of the garage, in order to bring light in the house and it  creates the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the rural environment in it’s best way.

The interior design is Scandinavian: light colors, simple, functional forms and lots of natural materials have been used. Still the typical style of ‘Ervoor-Erna’  is recognizable: you can find some bright colored accents in sitting corner and bedroom. The little bathroom ( 1.40×2.80 meters) is complete with its spacious washbasin, walk-in shower and toilet. By using a sliding door, there will be no issues in passing each other in this small house.



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